21st ISC (Beijing, 22-26 agosto 2022) – Sesión T6-7: Mixed depositional processes in coastal to shelf environments

Presentación de la sesión: Coastal to shelf environments are characterized by the interplay of various processes (e.g. riverine, tidal, waves, wind), resulting in a complex variety of sedimentary facies and stratigraphic architectures. Further, coastal and shallow-marine areas around the world are subject to intense and increasing stresses, including those associated with climate and sea-level variations. A better understanding of these environments and their stratigraphic record is crucial for their sustainable protection and future development, and therefore, we believe that the sedimentary geology community will benefit from a dedicated session on this topic.
In this session we invite studies from coastal (including adjacent continental) to shelfal environments, either in the rock record or in modern settings, with data acquired from (but not limited to) fieldwork, remote-sensing, experimental lab work, and numerical modelling. We especially encourage Early Career Scientists to give oral presentations.
Plazo límite para enviar resumen: 4 de abril de 2022
Más información del ISC 2022 lo puedes encontrar en la web de la conferencia: http://www.isc2022.org.cn)

Volumen especial en The Depositional Record: Vinculado a la sesión se edita un Special Issue “Mixed depositional processes in coastal to shelf environments” en The Depositional Record (revista de la IAS de acceso abierto). El plazo límite para someter el manuscrito es el 31 de enero de 2022. Puedes encontrar más información pinchando en el siguiente enlace: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/20554877/homepage/depositional_special_issue

Para obtener más información contacta con Miquel Poyatos-Moré, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, organizador de la sesión y co-editor del volumen especial: miquel.poyatos@uab.cat

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